I’ll be visiting Romania this summer for maybe three weeks. First stop will be the Temesoara/Temeschburg area in the Banat. My girlfriend and her ethnic-German family lived there (“Gross Sankt Peter” and Bogarosch villages) until they emigrated/escaped mostly en masse from Ceacescu’s paradise in the 80s. Lots of good stories there. Hopefully we’ll also get to visit Bucharest and the mountains. She speaks Romanian quite well already, but I’d like to learn a little.

So I wish there was some creative-commons-licensed Romanian language audio somewhere. I’d pay a few Euros if a native speaker could record some simple stuff such as everyday phrases and declination of the basic verbs (To be, to have, to do, to make, to want, to give, to take, to see, to pay) in slow clear speech, with a text transcription of the recording.

Update: I already have the Teach Yourself Romanian CDs, but I need something more like Pimsleurs. Just the simple stuff above would be useful if it was slow and clear and on a loop on my audio player.

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  1. I’ll give you a helping hand (100% discount at the first Romania visit ;) ). Just mail me. I’ll teach you how to read also, as it’s pretty easy (its phonetic). And as a few corrections: TimiÅŸoara and CeauÅŸescu (you can safely replace ÅŸ with s though, as most of us are able to read without the cedilla).

  2. Hey.

    I was at a 2-week conference in Cluj, and started to learn a little Român. Only a very little bit, though. :)

    Anyhow, it is quite easy (and affordable) to get dictionaries there, and there are also a few Learning Romanian books in English, too. At least, this was my experience in Cluj. I just went to a large department store there, and the book section had quite a bit.

    Additionally, the Romanians seem quite happy when others want to learn to speak their language. Or maybe that was because they were so utterly astonished at an American wanting to learn (and practicing!) Romanian. :)

  3. Hi!
    Or just start learning Hungarian. ;)
    Kolozsvár – Cluj – Klausenburg
    Temesvár – TimiÈ™oara – Temeschburg

    Simple as life in Eastern Europe. :(

  4. Şedere plăcută cât mai plăcută în România. In translation something like have a nice trip.

  5. AFAIK TimiÅŸoara is the home of a few Romanian GNOME translators, so I guess you can meet some friendly people there (but what I know? I live in BucureÅŸti and meet them only online).

  6. Hi im jadyn Whelan and im 16 im an Australian and i am keen to Learn Romanian if any one can help me please
    add me on msn or email me on msn at

    p.s. Please some one i really wanna learn :P

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