In the Viertel

We’ve managed it. We found a three room Altbau (pre-war building, but possibly code for “high ceilings”) in Munich’s Glockenbachviertel, with rent a little under our limit, and without an agent’s fee (usually 2 month’s rent), noch.

Baumstrasse 11IMG_0681It’s just across the road from our favourite cafe – Cafe Maria (too cool to have a website), and just a street away from the river.

Looking for Altbaus in the Glockenbachviertel and Haidhausen has started to give me some idea of what parts of Munich were still standing after the war, and made me notice how many of the buildings are post-war. I wish I could find some before/after pictures of the various neighbourhoods.

6 thoughts on “In the Viertel

  1. Hello There,

    I hope you don’t mind sharing…

    What is the price range of the new apartment you are staying in?

    Thank you for your help.


  2. Just started looking for a new place as well.

    Hey, fancy getting back into climbing? I miss it!


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