Karslruhe, Berlin, Lisbon, Munich

It’s the new year and I’m back in Munich. Working on the project for Web.de in Karlsruhe was great but being away from home during the week is always difficult. I’ll try extra hard to work only in Munich now.

I spent Christmas in Karlsruhe with the various parts of my girlfriend’s family there. Then we visited Berlin because our Lisbon flight included a free train ticket and my sister was visiting. I’ve never seen Berlin under so much snow. It makes everything quiet.

Lisbon was a great place to spend New Year’s, walking up and down the old streets under blue skies and winter sun. It’s old and crumbling like Venice, but younger and alive. Barrio Bairro Alto, where we had an apartment, seems to be nocturnal. The population sleeps all day and parties all night. Trust Fernando “nightlife” Herrera when visiting Lisbon – I wish that we had visited Chapito sooner.Lisbon New Year's fireworks
Lisbon, Bario Alto

Now that I’m back I’l start work again on Glom, and finish off the Maemo/Hildon C++ bindings for Nokia.

My other big project is to find a new apartment, now that my girlfriend has finally decided to move in together, to my amazement and delight. We have quite high aims – a 3 or 4 room altbau place in the Glockenbachviertel with a big kitchen and a balcony. We’ve looked at five so far, but each lacked something. Maybe someone knows an apartment to rent and wants to save the agent’s fee?

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  1. Wow. These photos are incredible – I spent a week in Lisbon with my girlfriend last April, and these remind me of all the fun times we had in the beautiful city. Thank you!

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