Cairo C++ bindings

I’ve taken Leonard Ritter‘s initial code to create Cairo C++ bindings – cairomm. I’ll add them to cairo’s CVS hopefully soon when I get access rights.

I’ll make gtkmm 2.9/2.10 depend on this, because cairo coders need to use methods from gtk(mm), Qt, etc, to get their Cairo context, and to use toolkit-specific colour structures, etc. Then we can add a nice demo and an example for the gtkmm book. I don’t plan to depend on glibmm – there are some strings which are probably UTF-8, but not enough to justify the dependency. I might depend on libsigc++ if the callback methods will be used often.

3 thoughts on “Cairo C++ bindings

  1. Hi Murray!

    I only just saw your comment for “cairo in motion” on my blog-site. I’ll look into the cairomm-0.1.0 bindings and try to port my stuff to it. I keep you updated once I’m done with this.

    Best regards…


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