Sabayon and Pesselus

I am so pleased that Sabayon and Pesselus will most likely be in GNOME 2.14, and that Sabayon already uses Pesselus. I do hope that they show up in menus for humans as something like “Administration/User Profiles” or “Administration/Lockdown Editor” or something even clearer. They bring GNOME’s beauty to the system administrators.

I like to think that the Lockdown Editor was created finally in response to a suggestion I made after I visited a small rollout . This other little feature (easy keyboard preview) was also needed by that rollout. I coded no part of them. My point is

  • If you visit someone to do a rollout report, you can discover important (but easy) stuff that should be done.
  • If you invite someone to do a rollout report, your life might get even better.

I met several people at the GNOME stand at Systems in Munich who were planning their own small GNOME rollouts in colleges, schools, and small businesses, in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Romania. I gave them lots of Ubuntu CDs and told them all that I’d love to visit and do a report after a few months. I hope they all get back to us.

3 thoughts on “Sabayon and Pesselus

  1. I know it is not really related but does it ever seem that the panels should have one master lock/unlock option instead of each item on each panel?

    When I rearrange things I go on a re-arranging frenzy. D&D on the panel is kinda being replaced by Nautilus’ places side pane (hopefully, you still cant drag items onto a folder and get them move/copeid there)…

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