Ubuntu CDs for GNOME at Systems, Munich

So, Systems is over, and the GNOME stand was a great success, though small. The 5600 Ubuntu CDs arrived a bit late, so we could only hand them out on the last day and a half. They were busy days, so we could hand them out at about a rate of 1000 per day. We make sure to speak/sell to each person about what it is and how to use it, and how beautiful, easy and safe it is, so that takes a lot of energy.

Quite a few people were interested in Edubuntu for schools, particularly in the poorer Eastern-European countries.

But we still have a lot left over. We’ll use a lot at LinuxWorld Expo in Frankfurt, but anybody in Munich should feel free to contact me to arrange to pick up some boxes. For instance, if you would like to hand them out at a university.

The size of the delivery from Canonical was a bit shocking. Thanks Ubuntu/Canonical for the support. I could almost forget that these beauties are all browse-mode-defaulting.