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Acer Travelmate 4101WLMI and Ubuntu

I added the information about my new laptop to the Ubuntu wiki page for acer laptops. I'm not too bothered that the built in ethernet and wireless networking don't work, because I still have the external cards from my old laptop, and I'm sure they'll work in some future version. Suspend would be nice, though it never worked on my old Dell either. The lack of true widescreen resolution is more annoying (Fuzzy) though, and the 855resolution hack just makes my screen scrollable instead of squeezing everything into the screen size.

However, I am incredibly pleased that the keyboard's volume buttons work. Even the gimmicky volume knob on the GNOME Event Box's german wireless keyboard works. It shows a little temporary window with a picture and a level bar. Maybe it's part of GNOME. My priorities are clearly not ideal.

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