Good GNOME stories

For me, one of the great things about this year's Advisory Board meeting, the day after GUADEC, was the all-out telling-off that IBM's Greg Kelleher gave us when he rushed in at the end after seeing a customer.

He pointed out that the big GNOME deployment stories are short on details [1], so they aren't great sales pitches. We don't have information about those deployments because big businesses keep their plans secret.

As I said on our Existing Deployments page, we want believable, compelling stories. It's not enough to know that a story is true – you have to show that it's true by including secondary detail, background, human interest, personalities and hopes. So tell us the stories of the colleges, small businesses, charities, etc, that are using GNOME successfully.

[1] I wanted to link to the bit of the script from The Door In The Floor (or A Widow For One Year) where Eddie goes with little Ruth to demand the photo from the framer. I can't find it online.