GUADEC Party (bring the fun)

We've just confirmed details for the GUADEC Party on Monday 30th May. The place looks hip (do you kids still say that?) and perfect for meeting lots of people all together. Drinks until 11pm, and some finger food, are included in the 20 Euros entrance. That's a good deal.

But we're still hoping to find a party sponsor to make it free. If you think GNOME needs to be more fun [1] then this is something you should support, and something you want to be associated with.

[1] Personally I'd never go back to those "fun" days of unstable and undocumented (*cough*bonobo*cough*) APIs, unclear scope, lack of direction, opaque decision-making, reinvention-instead-of-cooperation-with-mozilla-and-kde, and debian-style drawn-out release tensions. Frustration wasn't fun. Getting stuff done is fun. Innovation now means building things, and that was the point for me all along.