GNOME Deutschland website/wiki

GNOME Deutschland now has a new wiki-based website. Hopefully this makes it easy for the whole community to easily make changes.

I chose MediaWiki and am generally pleased, particularly by the extremely easy install. I considered the moinmoin wiki, as used by, but it doesn't seem to allow page moves, or show full page history. It turns out that MediaWiki doesn't really move pages either, like Twiki, but it does allow some reorganisation.

Twiki does all these things, but I've found in that past that it's far too difficult to install, and quite complex for users.

I haven't yet figured out how to group pages together. moinmoin and Twiki both let you add sub-pages, though it's a bit odd with Twiki. We could simulate this with filename prefixes, but both and MediaWiki seem to force the title of a page to be the name (location) of a page, with automatic capitalization. That's also obviously a problem for localisation with mediawiki. But I can see how it makes things simpler for people at first.

Update: Dave Neary pointed out that I'm wrong about moinmoin and – there is a rename action at the bottom of
the pages. And I remembered the one thing I like most about mediawiki – linking is explcit, so it does not make a WikiWord out
of techy words, or encourage writers to neglect their spacebar.