Glom calculated fields

Glom's calculated fields can now calculate useful stuff, though so far they only have access to fields in the current record. Obviously the syntax needs to be more compact.

This requires pygtk and the libgda python bindings, not yet released in a tarball. I added them to gnome-python-extras after Filip Van Raemdonck did most of the work. The guys in the #pygtk irc channel, notably Johan Dahlin and Gustavo Carneiro, were incredibly helpful with my pygtk and embedded python questions. Glom is certainly the only project that depends on both gtkmm and pygtk.

Glom: field layout

I stopped using boost::python. It's just too much trouble to build inside Glom, is overkill for what I need, and I'm not convinved that the API is all that sane anyway. I've made some notes that I'll send to their mailing list. In particular, I don't think it's healthy for it to be constrained by boost's lack of API-stabilty given that boost::python (unlike the rest of boost) has zero chance of becoming part of the C++ standard library. It might be a healthier project in the wild. However, lots of people do use it.