GUADEC 2005 Paper

I just submitted my abstract for a GUADEC 2005 paper. I may regret this later, but it will provide incentive for me to make Glom useful. Also, I'd like a better project name.

Glom – Saying “F*** You” to database administrators

Glom ( is a simple system for creating useful database
applications, for people who don't give a damn what SQL is. It allows you
to design (and redesign) database tables, the relationships between
tables, and the user interface for those tables. It makes the important
things easy. Therefore, it is not an Access clone.

The talk will present the fundamental concepts used in Glom, and the
current status of this (unfinished) ongoing project. I will mention how
difficult these things are with existing systems. Depending on my mood,
this may result in an offensive amount of crude, and occasionally
creative, swearing.

Murray Cumming is a freelance software developer, based in Munich. You may
have seen him in other projects such as gtkmm.