Election wipeout

I am genuinely surprised at how thoroughly the Democrats have lost. I really thought there was a chance for a substantial moderate vote and a return to peace and sanity.

This time America has actually voted for an extremist religious and ideological administration, and it's the extremism that got voters to the polls. And this despite a very large minority who recognise that as madness. These crazies now have a clear mandate and unchallenged control of all branches of government. As if it wasn't bad enough that torture, imprisonment without trial and institutional discrimination have become acceptable, and that criticism can routinely be labelled as treason, now we get to see whether things can actually get worse. Things are bad when the best thing you can say about the president is that he's not actually as bad as fascistdictatorofyourchoice.

The position of “beacon of democracy and freedom” is now open for new applications.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they won't use the power that they now have. Maybe the christian-right won't call in its favours. Maybe Rumsfeld will be fired now. But if they didn't hold back before, why would they now?