Berlin Wahlparties

I found some more precise links to Berlin election-night parties (both free of charge):

  • Cinestar Wahlparty [1] at Potsdammer Platz: Now it looks like they will only show CNN, but I think they'll have wireless internet there too. I need to check that out. They are showing the Manchurian Candidate remake earlier in the evening, which should raise the emotional stakes a bit. More info.
  • Vote44 Wahlparty, at the Traenenpalast (near Ostbahnhof, I think), more info. They say they'll show 3 US stations, but it seems they'll have lots of artistic performances distracting from the simple purity of excessive TV coverage. Maybe a good 2nd choice if things go awry at Potsdammer Platz.

I have been unhealthily obsessed with the U.S. election for the last few months. The end is in sight, but it's very scary.

[1] Note to self: Figure out why pyblosxom's doesn't like those cinestar URLs.