German hoster needed

I need a decent German web site hoster for some of my sites. One that's Linuxy and lets me do Linuxy things. Bytecamp does not seem to be that, though to their credit they do offer free hosting to open-source developers (I'm paying though, so I get to criticise). They only allow access via ftp (so I can't ssh/rsync my stuff onto the site) and don't allow cron jobs (needed for blog planets).

I'd like something like the service I get from Dreamhost, who are based in the U.S. Their basic package is cheap yet hosts 3 domains, with ssh access, cron jobs, mailing-lists, POP and SMTP access, MySQL, full cgi, and generous storage and bandwidth. Sign up via that link if you are interested – it makes a big contribution to my hosting bill. And email me if you know of something similar in Germany or Euroland.