Gabber is dead

Julian Missig has decided to stop work on gabber, because he has a crashing bug. He believes that there is a change in memory management policy between gtkmm 2.2 and gtkmm 2.4. There isn't, and if there seems to be then it's a bug that I'd gladly fix. I've told him about 4 times now that there is no such change of policy, but he doesn't want to hear that answer. I've recommended valgrind to help with memory management issues. I think he calls it a change of "windowing" or something like that, though I'm not sure what that means. He refuses to create a test case to either debug his own code or to show a bug in gtkmm. This is silly and I object to the disinformation – if there is not a test case in bugzilla then it's not a proven bug, and I don't lie about what architectural changes I have made.

People need to create tests cases because library maintainers will not debug peoples' applications for them. Most people have no problem with that. I note also that I have a good record of fixing bugs shown by such test cases.

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