As I mentioned a while ago, I wanted to have some kind of company name to put on my freelancing work, so that it could become known, and so that I could build it over the years. I finally thought of a name, though I’m not ready to found a full company yet. I have moved various articles from to the new website.

Openismus is not yet a proper company. In terms of German law, it is an Existenz, no different than how I worked before. If all goes well then it might become a Firma next year. Compared to the UK, it’s quite difficult to found a company in Germany, though it is far easier to work without a company.

I spent an insane amount of time creating that simple web site with CSS. I needed a couple of hacks to make it work on Mozilla, and a couple of even stranger ones on Windows. Every time I thought I had fixed it, I would try it on the other platform and find that either the position, height, or width of a box had gone loony. I am really starting to think that CSS positioning is a waste of time unless you want fixed positions. I don’t know if the problem is the CSS specification, but it’s obvious that no browsers seem capable of implementing the specification, and they are all broken in different ways.