I'm still doing lots of hacking on Glom, which is now in GNOME's cvs, with a GNOME mailng list and bugzilla component too. It's amazing how people start translating your application automatically as soon as it appears in the GNOME cvs.

The UI is a bit more sensible now, with the database-design stuff being very secondary to editing the data in the tables, as it is in FileMaker. And I'm in the process of fixing the display and parsing of dates, times, and numbers so that they do the right thing in the current locale.

I'm still ranging all over the code, cleaning up leftovers from the various refactorings, but I thought of some significant tasks that someone could help with, without being disturbed by my ongoing changes:

  • Find out how to programatically adminster the Postgress users and their access rights, and create a UI dialog for this.
  • Find out whether Postgres can have fields whose values are the result of calculations, and add this feature to the Field-designer UI.
  • Allow table titles and field titles to be translated – meaning, the user could specify the title for locales other than the default one. Later, this might use the .po file format somehow.

Also, it would be nice if someone could tell me a SQL command to cast data from a text column to a numeric column, without throwing errors half-way through if one of the rows has a non-numeric character in that column, as to_number() seems to do.