Long live the interim government

The Dok.Fest Documentary festival is on in Munich this week. It's information rich. So far I've seen

  • Skinhead Attitude: Far-right skinheads say what's expected of them. Normal people with similar hair styles disagree. In ones scene, a girl suggests that all the blacks, gays, and muslims should be nuked so that her children can grow up happy.
  • Familienreise: German Grandmother, father, and daughter revisit Glatz/Kłodzko in Poland, which the Grandmother's family was forced to leave after the war, along with other germans-speakers.
  • Wir haben vergessen züruckzukehren: Fatih Akin's relatives talk about their experience arriving in Germany in the 60s and either staying for life or returning changed.
  • Smile and Wave: Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan trying not to be like the Americans, but trying not to be like the Dutch of Srebrenica. In one scene a soldier learns about his translator's conservative lifestyle and then gives him the gift of hardcore porn DVDs.
  • Igazgyöngyök: Elderly Hungarian-speakers in the deserted Rumanian village Adorian philosophise about the past.
  • Azbuka na Nadejdata: Bulgarian- and turkish-speaking inhabitants of the deserted Bulgarian village Zhelezino, by the bulgarian/greek/turkish border, talk about their future. In 1989 the turks were forced to change their names to Bulgarian ones, and forbidden from speaking their language. 10 years later they got their own names back again, but most had emigrated in the meantime.