list populations

Updating yesterday's entry, I hear that gtk-list has 1901 subscribers, desktop-devel-list has 937, and pygtk has 599.

Version number scarcity

Version numbers are a crappy way to give information about your modules. Anything more than “even-numbers=stable”, “major numbers=major changes”, and “larger numbers=newer” gets awkward. But it's convenient to keep version numbers more or less in sync, so you can easily see what belongs together.

But that gets awkward fast. GNOME 2.8 will use the same GTK+ 2.4 API that we had in GNOME 2.6. So how can we have unstable testing releases of new API in the GTK+ bindings during GNOME 2.7? At the moment, I don't have any answer other than “be very careful – don't break API even during the unstable releases”, which is risky. And I can't tell them not to add API during GNOME 2.8, because they shouldn't have to wait that long before adding API. Mathematicians, can we have some new numbers between 4 and 6. please?

danielk redux

Daniel Elstner is back online again. I think he's doing a little work on regexxer, reverting my gnome-vfs usage for now, which is fair enough.