I'm porting glom from mysqlcppapi to libgdamm, the C++ wrappers for libgda. This should allow it to support a variety of database backends. Also, I have abandoned mysqlcppapi because MySQL changed their C API license from LGPL to GPL. mysqlcppapi is being maintained by Johnathan Wakely now. At some point I might actually make glom usable.


The sun has started to appear at random intervals, so I feel more motivated to run. I replaced my running shoes because the others were way over the recommended mileage and my body needs some cushioning. Everybody else seems to get great advice about shoes, but the most I've ever got in a shop is “you run a bit funny”. I went to a specialist store this time (in team, on Belgradstrasse), but the person serving me was reluctant to offer opinions even when prompted with a selection of running jargon. So now I have some Asics which are supposed to be good for people with flat feet, who are supposed to tend towards overpronation. They hurt my feet, but my knees hurt less, so maybe that's good.

Sometimes I don't understand german/catholic sensibilities. There's a walled cemetary near my apartment so I took a shortcut through when running home. I thought I was being a bit cheeky, but I found it full of joggers and cyclists and there were even sunbathers and picknickers among the gravestones.

New places visited: Sangam indian restaurant on Franz-Joseph-Strase – tasty food and pretty interior. Cafe Ignaz vegetarian restaurant on Georgenstrasse, with fantastic fresh gnocchi. Nespresso coffee house, by the Opera, as freeloading beta customers before their official opening.