So GNOME 2.6 is finally out the door. Quite apart from all the other good reasons for doing time-based releases, if we didn't write release notes every 6 months, we would completely lose track of what we were doing. Every time I'm surprised at how much substantial work has been done, on stuff that users notice when they compare major versions. Development is never fast enough, but it doesn't get much faster than this.


We've been converting Bakery over to the new gtkmm 2.4 API. Bryan has it using UIManager, whose menu merging allows us to remove a lot of code in ways that jamesh probably never foresaw.

I also made it use libegg's recent-files API, which let me delete another big bunch of code. I like how you can pretty much just give the submenu to libegg and forget about it.


I've been intensively watching 24 recently, silly as it is. We're only halfway through season 2 and already everyone is bad. I like that.