I have spent excessive amounts of time recently fixing the gtkmm build on the SUN Forte C++ 5.3 and g++ 3.4 (cvs) compilers. Everything is working for SUN Forte for gtkmm 2.2, and g++ 3.4 is now fine for gtkmm 2.2 and 2.4, but we still have problems with libsigc++ 2 (needed for gtkmm 2.4) with the SUN Forte compiler. I've been able to get this far because a potential gtkmm user gave me access to a SUN box.

I felt under pressure about these because there was a risk that we would need to change API to satisfy strange compilers, and total Bindings API freeze is soon. But, actually, no API changes were necessary.

I think libsigc++ 2 might work with the SUN Forte C++ 5.5 compiler, but I don't have direct access to that. Apparently SUN have something that we can use but we need to find somewhere suitable to host it.

Common runtimes

My positions on this are firm and unhelpful:

  • I have absolute confidence in Microsoft's technical incompetence, based on years of experience. So I'm actually not worried about any new Microsoft technology being too successful, or even of it appearing soon.
  • I have absolute confidence that Microsoft will continue to act illegaly to prevent competition and that no US government will stop them. So I'd like to keep far away from them.
  • I like C++ and I'm against any non-standard extensions or subsets. “Managed C++” is not C++. You can't use .NET APIs without using “Managed C++” language extensions.