Back to Bayern!

After a lot of wandering around Munich, looking at a lot of random places, I finally found an apartment – on Schellingstrasse in Schwabing. It's not the Glockenbachviertel, but oh well. It is, however, the classic clean white, geometrically-perfect, empty, german apartment. Now I need to try not to throw too much money away at IKEA.

I already ordered DSL so the year of internet-deprivation should be over next week.

libsigc++ 2 and gtkmm

I just released versions of gtkmm and co that use libsigc++ 2. Everything seems to work, and the syntax is incrementally better – no more numbers such as Slot0<>, Slot1<>, etc. Martin Schulze has done a wonderful job maintaining libsigc++ 2 and put a lot of effort into getting it and gtkmm ready in time. I critize everything and everyone but I can't find a single fault with what he's done. That doesn't feel right.

Bindings API freeze has been delayed by 2 weeks due to the GNOME schedule slip of 2 weeks. So, that gives everyone one more last chance to get changes in and test stuff properly. That's actually the ideal way to do API freeze sometimes – keep saying it's the last chance and keep sounding like you mean it. However, schedule slip is exceptional and I wouldn't bet on it ever happening again.