I don't think people are using gtkmm 2.3 enough yet, because we haven't had the patches that we normally have. Maybe gtkmm 2.2 is too good, or people don't understand that API freeze will happen on February 16th.

I released an API-frozen Bakery 2.0.0 now that libxml++ is API stable. And libxml++ is now in GNOME's CVS, and HEAD now uses Glib::ustring from glibmm 2.3.

Platform Bindings

It doesn't look like pygtk will be in the Platform Bindings release set. I have asked enough times, but I get no response. However, there is still a chance.

Luckily, the Java bindings will almost certainly be part of it.


This year I will be escaping Christmas in Istanbul, but I'll be in Munich for New Year's Eve. Then Linz for a month, then Munich from February onwards. I may or may not be working while in Munich.