Little tasks completed

  • dbus-cpp is now in the CVS and needs you to make it work.
  • libgnomeprint*mm tarballs are out there. Some people wanted this, so now I expect them to send patches.
  • The API/ABI-stable libxml++ 1.0.0 should be out there today.

Stories about nothing

As an early Christmas present, I was taken to hear Friedrich Ani read from, and discuss, his new Tabor Süden book in the Fraunhofer pub in Munich's Glochenbachviertel. I like the idea that he writes stories about nothing, kind of like Seinfeld without so many jokes. His new missing-persons detective book seems to be about the disappearance of an air-guitarist who plays in a band that does not exist, and the people who do not miss him. Of course it's the stuff that happens while nothing is happening that's more interesting.