Release team

It looks like I'm still on the release team. I tried to leave, I really did, but I have to stick around for now to push the Bindings release set. So you get to hear more of my random opinions. People should suggest themselves as replacements – I want to be obsolete.

For instance, it looks like clarkbw will take over UI Review herding this time, and probably do much better job than me.


I put out another set of releases, still in-sync with GTK+ itself.

I think I fixed the GTK+ TreeView crash, but only Kris can say whether it makes sense. Unfortuntely I didn't do it in time for the GTK+ 2.3.1 release. I find it very hard to get my head around GClosure's though I understand the concept just fine. The problem is all these GClosures, GCClosures, closures, and simple_closures, and marshallers and member callbacks and callbacks sent through void* data arguments and my mental stack overflows.

I heard some nonsense yesterday, and on consideration, I think it's silly nonsense.