GNOME Foundation Votes

Glynn, you know when your boss said you might make a good manager? Maybe this is what he meant. It’s a good thing.

I sent my Foundation votes. I was surprised that I actually wanted to vote for 12 instead of 11. I wanted to vote for Sri, because I like the idea of having a newcomer, but that would have meant not voting for another fantastic candidate. I like that I could vote for people with varied affiliations and skill sets this year. But where’s Jim Gettys? I hope he continues his recent run of success even when he’s not on the board?

I was going to refuse to vote for anyone who didn’t even have time to answer the 10 questions, but I forgot to be that stubborn.

Today I had to explain to the Anjuta developers that Glade-generated C code is bad and not something to recommend. I suspect that Anjuta is maybe what is making all those newbies thing Glade-generated C code is what everybody should do. How do we ask the newbies?

We are fantastically close to an API-frozen libxml++ 1.0.0. libxml++ is sooo good.