I found a DSL connection at the office, so I can get connected for a couple of hours some evenings. That's considerably quicker and warmer than taking the tram to the public WLAN at the Lentos museum.


gtkmm 2.3/2.4 is making progress, though it's just me doing it so far. The flood of patches will come. The change from 2.2 to 2.4 is not as compelling as the change from 1.2 to 2.0 was. But I think people will want the new ComboBox and FileSelector when they start seeing them more in other applications.

I'm slightly concerned that the menu and toolbar API might be almost a regression for us. We do gain the action concept (toolbar items and menu items are just different ways of activating the same item), but we already have something very much like the actions hierarchy that's used to create items. Unfortunately I don't think we can wrap the old API around the new one, because we need more access to the internals to implement a real iterator. It's a good thing that this is parallel-installable. People will complain but there's not much I can do about it apart from accept patches.

There should be a new GTK+ in the next few days, so I'll do another tarball then.

Bryan Forbes has started, and almost finished a wrapper for libpanel-applet so people can more easily implement panel applets in C++ with gtkmm. I think he plans a tarball soon. Bryan Forbes is the same guy who got gnome-vfsmm started. I like that kind of thing.


One way or another, I expect to be in Munich next year. I need to find an apartment there.