Release early, release often

People like releases. I got tired of waiting for a glib 2.3.0 release, so I released a glibmm 2.3.0 that depends on glib 2.2, so that I can get the code out there. The same day, we got a new contributor (J. Abelardo Gutierrez) who asked how he could help and had a patch to us in hours.

There's still no gtkmm 2.3.0 because that really does need GTK+ 2.3. I still haven't tracked down the strange treeview crash with GTK+ cvs HEAD, and I don't have a real connection anymore, but before I left Nuernberg I did several dated checkouts of GTK+, so hopefully I'll track it down. In the meantime, I strongly encourage everybody to hack on glibmm and gtkmm in cvs. There is new fun API that needs to be wrapped.

Because everybody wants libgdamm (C++ wrapper for libgda – generic database API) but nobody seems to want to do the work, I put out a release of the stuff that's been sitting in cvs for a while. Hopefully someone will pick it up.

I'd really like to release a tarball of libgnomeprint*mm, some time but it's been very difficult to get the necessary patches into libgnomeprint. Apparently that's going to get better soon. libgnomeprint, being purely postscript based, isn't the future of printing APIs in GTK+/GNOME. I hear that Cairo (previously Xr) might better unify the screen and print rendering APIs. But it would be nice to have the intermediate solution available to C++ coders.


The new GNOME 2.5/2.6 schedule and organisation stuff AKA start pages is up, and jhbuild's gnome26 moduleset has switched to GTK+ HEAD (2.3), so the fun is starting. I really wish that I had my non-sleeping hours to work on it.

Planet GNOME was a great idea (jdub's). It's a great way to see what people are up to, and I think it really energises people. I believe in structural solutions.