I started an unstable branch of libglademm so that I could add some API to support use of derived widgets with .glade files. This allows people, for instance, to layout their window in glade, and then still keep their code nice and organised by actually implementing that window in a class that's inherited from Gtk::Window. It's better than using a placeholder child widget.


I put out new versions of all the gnomemm stuff. That always takes ages. This time gnome-vfsmm gets a mention along with the other stuff. Apparently there are problems with the libbonobomm build, so I'll probably put out a new version of that again.

I'm getting tired of libbonobo*mm making it so hard to build libgnomeuimm. I have been using the dependeny to encourage people to be aware of libbonobo*mm and keep it up-to-date, but I think it's time to give people a break. libgnomeui only exposes bonobo stuff for the DockWidget, and almost nobody cares about implementing or hosting Bonobo controls. I think I will remove the dependency, freeze the libgnomeuimm API, and cut libbonobo*mm loose for people who care about it.

This makes sense because almost everybody seems to expect that Bonobo will not be used in any non-deprecated part of the libgnomeui API in future. It will be something that you can use if you want to, but that you won't have to drag around if you don't want to.

Luckily this should not leave orbitcpp orphaned, because some of the people who care about that don't even use gtkmm.


Enough people have asked about printing that I started to wrap gnome-print. I already have a simple example working that generates a postscript file. It's all in cvs. I'm not completely happy with the libgnomeprint API, and I think it will need to break API again before it gets into the GNOME Developer Platform.


Owen has announced that he'll release tarballs of the unstable GTK+ 2.3. I'm looking forward to that, because it means we can release some of the glibmm and gtkmm 2.3 stuff that's in cvs, and get started on the new APIs.