I applied a bunch of patches that had accumulated and put out a new version. This one fixes the build on gcc 2.96, and is the first version of gtkmm to build with Microsoft's MSVC++, using the latest version of their compiler. It seems like the “.Net 2003” version still needs some extra workarounds, but it's far more standards-compliant than ever before. Sorry, Microsoft, too late, and still catching up.

julian also confirmed that gtkmm now builds without too much trouble on MacOs X. It just needs a little workaround for a gcc 3 compiler bug. SuSE 8.2 needs this too. It's already fixed in the latest gcc 3.3.1, I think, but Apple and SuSE are shipping strange versions.

Now we just need someone to deal with the simple Solaris/Forte problem that happened sometime – probably since 2.2.0.

Stalking Nat

I stopped for an evening in Munich on the way from Linz to Nuernberg. The day was getting pretty bad after being trapped on a delayed train with Salzburg-grade brainless yank tourists and germans who express their customer disatisfaction by sighing very loudly and then sighing very loudly again, in unison. Then I saw celebrity hacker Nat outside the Munich train station, conspicuously not being in Boston. I think he was on a secret mission. I confused him greatly by saying hello.