I wrapped a bit more of gnome-vfs for C++, added a directory-listing example, fixed the distcheck and released a first version. People had better help out with finishing this instead of waiting for others to do it for them. I mean it this time.

libsigc++ 2

Martin Schulze and some others are doing great work on the next-generation libsigc++, He's dealing well with a barrage of uninformed questions from me. We are having some of those big-but-essential discussions about API that involve several exhaustively-explored possibilities. He's doing a good job of directing it towards eventual, justified, decisions.

I really hope I don't have to maintain libsigc++ in future. There's so much other software I want to write and I have so little time these days.


After living in a Pension outside of town for a month, I just discovered a big climbing wall in the building next door. Next week I move into an apartment on the other side of town. Oh well.


My new work environment is all German all of the time. This is the first time that I've had to speak German at work. I don't know what changed. I make lots of mistakes, but people seem to tolerate it. I am often surprised that I am capable of doing it.

I do still get lost in sentence structure when trying to explain some abstract, possible, concepts – the things that are difficult to explain even in English. In the past I often used Die instead of Der for nouns, thinking that I'd be right as much of the time, but it would then look like I did it on purpose. I have extended the idea and now also decline nouns, adjectives, and pronouns almost at random.


The war is about as fucked-up as it could be. Such cynicism. The future was supposed to be better than this.