Going to Linz, Austria

I’ve been back in Munich for the weekend, but I’m about to leave again for Linz, Austria for another week of training – on a proprietary C++ GUI toolkit for mobile phones. It looks like I will continue to work in Linz afterwards, but it might yet be Frankfurt. Linz seems pleasant and it could be nice to be there during the summer.

I used the connection-less time to fix the memory management in mysqlcppapi, something that I’ve been meaning to do for the last year. I also updated Glom to use the latest version, and fixed a few more regressions left over from the port to gtkmm2. This also showed a libxml++ problem so I fixed that and released a new version.

Matthew Tuck provided some fixes for some remaining “Save Changes?” problems in Bakery caused by the GUI-abstraction change. It’s nice to see these fixes automatically available to all applications built on Bakery.