I spent a couple of days refactoring libxml++, so that I’d have an XML parser to use in Bakery. It let me move the Document_XML class into Bakery itself. I give up on Xerces-C++ – maybe I’ll look at it again after a few years. It will have either died or got a clue about API stability, versioning, and packaging. It will take a long time until libxml++ does everything that people need, of course.

gtkmm has branched for 2.2, so we can add the GTK+ 2.2. API additions. It should happen quite quickly. I also updated our bugs page. so people can work on the future API break. I think every GNOME sub-project should have a page like that.

I finally uploaded the random photos from the gtkmm get-together in Berlin. Here’s a group shot, red-eye and all.

With all this talk of regime change in Iraq, and Ben Kingsley’s successful portrayal of an unthreatening leader in Afghanistan, I wonder who the Americans will get to take over from Saddam Hussein. I bet that Anthony Hopkins is getting into character.