gtkmm API freeze

I’m continuing to threaten gtkmm API freeze, and it looks like it’ll happen with a mixture of feature punting and attrition. I want to get that project finished so I can focus on more interesting stuff such as Glom, which I now have building again for the first time in months.

At work, to show the Windows folks how useful CVS can be, I’ve been using gleblanc‘s notes to install mozilla’s lxr/bonsai webtools, like the system at It’s actually not that difficult.

Yesterday I met hadess and his gang for drinks, video games, and chinese food in London. Someone should give him a job. I mean, how bad could he be?

My friend, Kari, visited from Munich, and I took him to Brick Lane for curry. That place is a paradise. He’s happy to have found a job in London, but I’d still rather be back in Germany. And I just said goodbye to a great new friend who’s leaving for … Munich. This is too much.

On the headphones this week while running round Hampstead Heath: The Amelie soundtrack, Learn French In Your Car, and Serge Gainsborough. All very silly.