Pocket PC

I’ve been exploring Microsoft’s “Pocket PC” development stuff. It’s a terrible confusion of non-orthoganal, overlapping yet incompatible products, some crufty, some .NET and some just called .NET. While Microsoft doesn’t need to compete with anyone else, there does seem to be some kind of twisted competition between internal Microsoft departments. And don’t get me started about how “Managed C++” is the only C++ in Visual Studio now. Sure, you don’t _have_ to use the language extensions – unless you want to use Microsoft’s APIs, which are increasingly .NET-only.

After being offline for so long, I’ve finally caught up with everthing and we’ve released in-sync versions of gtkmm, gnomemm and libbonobouimm. I’m making noises about an imminent gtkmm API freeze, and it turns out that’s a good way to get a lot more bug reports and patches. We have 8 different coders credited in the latest release. Most importantly, Cedric Gustin finally has gtkmm working on Win32.

Together with Morten Brix Pedersen, I’ve overhauled the gtkmm website. He now has it using CSS Positioning instead of tables. I’d never heard of CSS Positioning before but it seems to work well, and along with SSI there’s now almost no duplication of markup in our various pages.

Life in London isn’t so bad recently. I’ve been exploring a bit. Brick Lane is a nice place to spend a Sunday afternoon.