C++ wrappers for libgda

I started C++ wrappers for libgda (The database API underneath GNOME-DB), and
rodrigo seems eager to help out with it.
But there’s a lot of CORBA BonoboObject-based servers in
there, so it’ll have to go on hold while we figure out how
to auto-generate C++ wrappers for them.

I’m working on that
in bonobomm, and at the moment it looks like we’ll have to
just make our C++ server delegate to the C server through a
client reference. It’ll be simple code, but it might not be
very efficient.

I made some patches to make libbonoboui’s _new()
functions language-binding-friendly, but I’m having a hard
time getting them through the API-change approval process,
even though they are zero impact.

I also started libglademm2, and posted a libglade patch
to make it create full widget instances for gtkmm. I’m
trying to persuade jamesh that it’s a good

gtkmm and gnomemm are using GNOME‘s bugzilla
now, instead of sourceforge’s trackers. I thought people
would find it too complex but it seems to be a success. I’m
having fun reassigning bugs and marking them as dependent on
each other.

Together with Dennis Cranston, I patched the GNOME logout
dialog to replace the No|Yes buttons with Cancel|Logout.
I’m still in the process of getting my system to use my
GNOME2 from cvs, so I couldn’t test it myself. I hear that
it’s broken now.