First libbonobouimm tarball

I posted a first libbonobouimm tarball to the gtkmm and bonbomm lists. I’ll put it in cvs
after everyone agrees on the directory structure. It has a
working example that’s far clearer than the C original. I
was suprised to find that libbonoboui actually implements
GTK-like widgets that don’t have much to do with CORBA
interfaces. But that does at least mean bonobomm
applications can continue to use the same architectures and
memory management techniques currently used for gnomemm
applications, without needing to dynamically allocate
everything via CORBA.

I posted to the Inti list, requesting that
hp just give up and endorse gtkmm
already. We’ll see.

I’ve been slowly porting Glom to GNOME2 now
that Bakery is mostly ported. My pleasure at
removing Gtk::Sheet is slighty lessened by my disappointment
with Gtk::TreeView – it seems there’s no way to get
notification of a particular cell value change, only a
non-specific row change. Luckily I had already wrapped
Gtk::Sheet in an abstraction layer, so hopefully with some
hacking I can reimplement it with Gtk::TreeView.

Tomorrow I fly to Madrid then onto GUADEC in Seville,
staying in the docpi-organised apartment. I expect it to be
quieter than last year, but at least this time I’ll have
more idea of who people are, and I won’t be dragging a leg
cast behind me.