ORBit2 cpp branch

After a lot of gratuitous hacking, the ORBit2 cpp branch can now support a simple helloworld client/server
example. I’m very pleased about that. I’ve been dismayed at
the lack of help from more expert CORBA C++ coders, but I
guess it’s
like gtkmm – people only get involved after
it’s obvious that the project is viable. And people are
really getting involved in gtkmm.

Now that ORBit2 cpp is on track, I’ll get started next on
the Bonobo interfaces. My “GNOME2 with C++” talk has been
scheduled for day 1 of
GUADEC 3, with an extra
hour that I might be able to use for Bonobomm if it’s ready.

I also solved a major problem with
gtkmm‘s signal wrappers. Our signals now
definitely, absolutely, use C++ types, so there’s now almost
no need whatsoever to access the underlying C objects.

I wrapped the Drag and Drop parts of GTK+, and that
has turned out to be a good example of how
gtkmm is able to make seemingly obscure and
fragmented interfaces more obvious. I added a chapter about
it to our “Programming with gtkmm2” book, part of our whole

Daniel has added a wonderfully simple wrapper mechanism
for GError which maps them to C++ exceptions, making gtkmm
seem even more like the perfect modern C++ GUI toolkit. He’s
also been wrapping the glib text conversions and
cross-platform threading APIs. We’re thinking that glibmm
might be useful outside of gtkmm.

That’s a few major things removed from TODO list. Thing
are looking good.