Xerces-c++ sane includes

Incredibly, after about 6 months of hassling, my Xerces-C++ sane_includes patch has finally been applied.
One small step of many on the way to proper
packaging. I’m not a fan of the Apache-style
management scheme. There’s no real maintainers, so it’s like
a crowd of people standing around a victim, everybody
wondering when somebody else will do something. And in
practice Xercesc-C++ is actually governed by a few assigned
IBM employees, who didn’t get their positions based on
community activity. I’ve brought the weak leadership issue
up on the list before, but it doesn’t seem like it can be
fixed within the current system.

Tyler, who was on the dive boat in the Similan Islands
took some excellent underwater <a
I prefer these to the false-light scuba pictures that
you normally see. And here’s <a
hanging around during a safety stop. I think <a
is me too.