Initial version of gtkmm for GTK+ 1.3

We released an initial version of gtkmm for GTK+ 1.3 – a
major event that represents a lot of time, effort, and
figuring things out. We’re well underway now.

I’m gradually converting the gtk-demo metademo to C++,
adding wrappers where I find it necessary. These TreeView
and TextView and associated objects introduce a couple of
huge new APIs. C coders are going to take a while to get
used to it.

I just finished the properties wrapper mechanism which,
of course, will be much clearer and type-safe than the C

Strangely, I am now comfortable with adding wrapper
mechanisms by modifying some perl code that reads a gtkmm
.hg format and a GTK+ defs format, then modifying the m4
code that is used by the output of that perl code.

Someone on gnotices pointed out that we have almost 500
messages on the list this month, which has got to indicate
that things are going well. The cvs changelog is also huge.