1 year later, I’ve finally got flat-rate ASDL

1 year later, I’ve finally got flat-rate ASDL from Deutsche Telekom – I am pleasantly surprised. And, unlike in the UK, it’s not
just for Windows.

At work, Roguewave have finally admitted that it wasn’t
fair to tell us to patch our compiler to fix one problem
their product, and then to refuse to support their product
with that compiler patch when we find another problem. Not
that they’re in much of a hurry to fix
it, though.

In the month that I’ve been waiting for Roguewave to get
their product working, I’ve
developed a damned good Sybase CT-library C++ wrapper to use
instead of DBTools.h++. I wish that I could release it as
open source, but I know that the company will never do that
even though it makes economic sense.