Work has become a bit frustrating. I’ve had to discard Roguewave’s DBTools.h++ library because the only version
that compiles is the one that prevents use of the C++
Standard Library in the same application. They have a new
version that will work, but they’ve changed the license so
that they charge for deployment. It really seems
that Roguewave is dying and is just tryingt to shaft its
locked-in customers for as much money as possible while its
code stagnates.

So I’m having to wrap the Sybase C client library myself.
It’s so old that’s it’s written in K&R C – the old-style
C with the bizarre function declarations. And that’s just
the start of it’s weirdness. I wish that there was an open
source equivalent of DBTools.h++, but I’m not the guy to
start one.

In real-life, I’ve recruited a few more climbers in
Munich, but I’m having trouble getting them into a regular
routine. Unfortunately, it’s already August and there can
only be a few more summer weekends left.