Released the first version of Glom

Released the first version of Glom, which I have been working on for extended periods of time over the last year. I’m disappointed that the level of functionality
is still quite low, but I think that it proves a concept,
and it gives me a feeling of completion to get a version
out. It’s approximately 8 months late so I was right not to
pre-announce it. It also gave birth to Bakery
which I feel is genuinely useful.

I also released a new Gnome–, which several
of us were crying out for. Gnome– is now quite a mature
gnome-libs binding. We’re just going to add a fancy streams
API for the Canvas, and we should be able to go stable soon.
Then I need to work out how to write a script that will
configure, make, and make install all the various GNOME C++
wrapper libraries as one big SDK. Does anyone know how a
script (in any language) can make itself superuser
temporarily without asking for a password several times.

The new Gnome– allowed me to release a new
Bakery, which magically adds session management
and Recent Documents to all Bakery apps. Now that’s what I
call reuse.