Back from GUADEC II, which seemed like a great success.

Back from GUADEC II, which seemed like a great success. It was a great way to learn about a lot of the new GNOME
stuff in a short space of time.

I also became even more convinced that GNOME hackers are
far more capable of getting things done than regular people.
I know that they complain about long threads and flame wars,
but it’s nothing compared to the life-sucking mix of
total-lack-of-understanding, personal agendas, failure to
compromise, and apathy that one finds in commercial
entities. I think GNOME is a pretty good example of how
people who are confident and determined can find common
ground through setting out their thoughts clearly and
admitting when they don’t understand things.

I heard RMS speak for the first time and thought that he
put his ideas forward sanely. Then he proceeded to lose any
respect that he had gained, by hijacking a GNOME 2 planning
session and doing a stage invasion of the final keynote,
just to winge about some irrelevant newbie stuff such as
‘Should the minimise button be a down arrow?’ and ‘Should
KDE and GNOME have the same background’. Totally abusing his
position and our attention. Maybe RMS wouldn’t be RMS if he
was capable of recognising the facial expression that
signifies ‘total incredulity at your freakish

There’s a bunch of new stuff that I want to wrap for C++,
such as Bonobo, GConf, gdome, and gnome-vfs. I had a long
irc discussion with cactus about Bonobo,
and he seems to have some idea of how to wrap it all up
nicely for C++.

The Doc says that I don’t have to wear the cast on my
ankle anymore, but I’m still limping along like a
horror-show sidekick.