Online Glom: Image fields

I found some work in one of my old branches and cleaned it up, so now OnlineGlom supports image fields too.

Online Glom with an image field

As usual, it was far more work than seemed necessary. GWT’s Image widget is not much more than a wrapper around the HTML <img> tag, so I had to create a separate service, with the same authentication system, to serve image data and invent a URL syntax to refer to the images from the database. It is certainly easier with GTK+ code on the desktop, even when delivering the image data asynchronously. This feels like something that a web progamming system should take care of, even if this is what happens behind the scenes. I wonder if any do.

Next, I want to make sure that OnlineGlom can handle tables whose primary keys are not numeric, because we’ve been hard-coding that in a few places. Then I hope I can start the big job of supporting data editing.