Openismus Revived

Here’s an update since my last status post in June.

Things have improved for Openismus even more though we are not complacent. Several proposals, including the ones I mentioned in that last blog post, have resulted in customer contracts. So we are now busy working on the Maliit input method system (virtual keyboard), Wayland, Rygel UPnP/DLNA and Evolution Data Server (EDS). We are even thinking of hiring another developer if we can find someone who is just right.

We are now established in the habit of creating proposals for customers, revising them, and shifting into implementation. We take our customer proposals seriously, making sure that the developers are the main authors and making sure that they don’t leave questions unanswered. If there’s something we might help your company with then we’d like the chance to convince you too.

Michael Hasselmann is now the main person negotiating new work for us and keeping some of that work on schedule. He has been very successful – a surprise to himself but not to us. We are calling him a Sales Engineer but that doesn’t really do his dedication justice.

Michael can travel much more than I could for the last few years. Right now he’s at the Automotive Linux Summit in the UK and tomorrow he will be at the X Developers Conference in Nürnberg with Jan Arne Petersen (where our interest is mostly in Wayland and input methods). On Monday and Tuesday he’ll visit me in the Munich office.

We have achieved this thanks, of course, to the hard work of our whole team at Openismus. They have fought hard so we can all keep doing worthwhile work that we enjoy. I am proud of them and glad to be part of this.

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