gtkmm book on Kindle

I recently got a Kindle 3 which I’m really enjoying.

As an experiment, I published a Kindle version of the “Programming with gtkmm” book. I don’t actually expect to sell many, though it could be a convenience for some people. I wish I could just “Print to Kindle” from my computer.

I set the “list price” at $2.00, but it appears as $4.60 to me here in Germany. It might be $2.00 to people in the US. I get 70 cents each time for both.

3 thoughts on “gtkmm book on Kindle

    1. Yes, and I’d be interested to know how that works.

      I’d also like to use the DocBook XSL stylesheets for this instead of those funky command-line utilities, but I didn’t know what to do with the files that it produced.

  1. I got a kindle too but unfortunatly Amazon doesn’t allow user who comes from China to buy books

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