Jens Georg and Jon Nordby joining Openismus

The Openismus family is expanding again. Jens Georg will join us as a developer in July, bringing both his open GNOME experience and closed/commercial Qt experience. His name is probably familiar to you from his from his work on Rygel or Anjuta.

Around the same time, Jon Nordby will become our third trainee, joining Chris and Patricia. I suspect they may not need much training, but that’s all good. Jon already works on MyPaint, which I keep hearing about.

I like them and I like having them in the company.

2 thoughts on “Jens Georg and Jon Nordby joining Openismus

  1. I’m glad to hear Openismus is still expanding. I remember talking to you about it at GUADEC in Birmingham the other year and the great work you were doing then. I look forward to hearing about more of it, because you and companies like you are just the kind of thing we need. The trainee programme seems like a particularly good idea.

    Just don’t get too big and become evil please :)

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